Grandparents - against the family-Law from 2007 "Forældreansvarsloven"

There is something rotten in the state of Denmark 

We are a group of grandparents, all having daughters and grandchildren, who are caught in a grotesque and very unpleasant situation - squeezed by the law on common parental custody, Forældreansvarsloven.
Our daughters are highly educated and socially well-functioning women, who are now treated as criminals, under charge by public authorities. Their "crime" is, that they have a child with a man, who has abused them. Now they are doing their utmost to protect their children from the same horrible experiences they went through with the biological father of the child.
This situation affects the whole family, and our confidence in the rule of law and justice has been deeply outraged. We grandparents firmly emphasize that the recent Danish Law on common parental custody, Forældreansvarsloven, has dreadful consequences. The law is supposed to protect children but is now protecting the offenders and socially dysfunctional.
We therefore make every effort to change the law.

Press the link "Underskriftindsamling" and sign for focusing on the children's security, wellbeing and safety.

APPEAL to the international community for help

Denmark has enacted a child custody law, with the consequence that children are not protected, even when being exposed to traumatic violence with social assistance.

We condemn

In the strongest terms, the arrest of a priest, who is a mother of three young girls. The bailiff put her in prison in Aarhus for 17 days, because she would not hand over her two year old daughter to the father, whom she believes is psychopathic. All means of power are being used to run the mother down mentally. All three children are being deprived of their mother, while the mother is also being threatened with dismissal from her employer, so that the children’s economic base may be taken from them. This shows how legal institutions, with parental responsibility, can completely override a mother's concerns for the child in forced custody, so that the child, must suffer, the same unpleasant experiences, which she herself has experienced. It is going way over the line to use imprisonment. Society uses enormous resources to enforce and implement doubtful and harmful relationships. Later, when the children's psychological injuries must be treated, it will be much more expensive. Nobody should be served with this.

Convention on the Rights of the Child, Article. 3, deals with ensuring the child’s interests, and impose a social commitment to children’s interests, when making decisions. The State has an obligation to adopt special rules to protect the child.
Denmark does not at the moment, abide by the rights of the Convention, as children of the legal system are treated as though they were things, causing them harm and trauma.
We as grandparents ask for support from the international community on this occasion.
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